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People living with mental illness are usually stigmatised, confined, and excluded from the mainstream society. This is because of lack of mental health education and restricted access to treatment. Mental disorders account for a large proportion of the disease burden in young people in Africa societies. Most mental disorders begin during youth (12–24 years of age). Main challenges to tackling mental-health needs among young people in Africa include the shortage of mental-health professionals, the low capacity and motivation of non-specialist health workers to provide quality mental-health services and education to young people, and the stigma associated with mental disorder, and lack of quality education on how to properly address mental health issue at its formative stage. Addressing young people’s mental-health needs is crucial if they are to fulfil their potential and contribute fully to the development of an Africa society.

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Adesuwa Osagie Foundation is committed to adding beauty to the lives and destinies of young people, and as we work toward achieving our mission, we are committed to the following core values:
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